IVF and reproductive rights are key issues ahead of South Carolina primary

IVF and reproductive rights: Nikki Haley is staying in the race polls in her home state. We’ve been watching. You’ve been watching. They aren’t favoring her, but some have even said it’s maybe admirable that she’s not playing by traditional rules, especially during these non traditional times. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on that.

The Haley campaign and they’ll tell you that, no, they don’t think they’re going to win South Carolina, but they’re in this for the long haul. Of course, there’s other things going on in this race that are changing the dynamic in the primary. For example, Donald Trump is set to start a criminal trial in New York on March 25. So in that sense, it’s not totally surprising that the Haley team thinks maybe they should wait around and see what happens.

IVF and reproductive rights are key issues

What impact, I’m curious, if any, do you think that Haley’s comments regarding the IVF ruling in Alabama might have going into tomorrow?

Obviously, as a female candidate, I think Haley has a lot of credibility on this issue with voters. We’ve seen her talk about abortion before in a way that was very popular, at least according to polls of republican primary voters. But at the same time, we also had Donald Trump come out and say that he supports IVF, and that may blunt any effort to draw a distinction between the two candidates.

IVF and reproductive

So some voters in South Carolina have told us something that we’ve actually heard from former Trump voters. They say they don’t want another go at it with Trump. So I’m looking ahead a few weeks to Super Tuesday. I’m wondering if you think that will carry into Super Tuesday again.

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It’s hard to say that Nikki Haley even will win any specific state on Super Tuesday. She is that far behind Donald Trump. What will change this race is something, frankly, outside of the Haley campaign’s control, something having to do with Trump’s legal problems potentially Joe Biden maybe not being in the race.

IVF and reproductive

The latest poll had Nikki Haley up 18 points against Joe Biden versus the head to head matchups with Donald Trump, which showed Donald Trump sometimes ahead but within the margin of error, potentially. And so if that hasn’t changed this race, for Nikki Haley to be able to make that electability argument to republican primary orders, it’s hard to see what is in her control that she can really say in the run up to Super Tuesday.

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