Antarctica sea ice shrinking at alarming pace, scientists call it ‘abrupt critical transition’

Antarctica sea ice shrinking: In other news, alarm bells are ringing warning of massive disaster due to climate change in Antarctica. For third year in a row, ice is depleting at a massive rate. Sea ice coverage around the continent has dropped below 2 million. Threshold has not been breached since satellite measurements started in the year 1979.

The latest data provided by U. S. National and Ice data Center confirms that the past three years have been the lowest, the third lowest on record for the amount of sea ice floating around the continent. And as per record, Antarctica’s sea ice reaches its lowest extent at the height of the continent’s summer in February every year.

Antarctica sea ice shrinking at alarming pace

Antarctica sea ice shrinking at alarming pace

Scientists have said that another year of low ice levels indicates a regime shift. Just last year, curate led research that said that the continent sea ice could have undergone a regime shift that was probably driven by warming of the subsurface ocean about 100 meters down.

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Sea ice reflects solar radiation, meaning less ice can lead to more ocean warming. New research indicates the continent’s sea ice has undergone an abrupt critical transition. Whether the current level represents this year’s minimum will not be known for another two weeks.

Scientists are still investigating what is causing the decline in sea ice, but they are concerned that global heating, particularly in the Southern Ocean that encircles the continent, could be playing a significant role in the process.

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