Trump projected to beat Haley in South Carolina

Trump projected to beat Haley: The polls have just closed in the South Carolina Republican primary. And now, based on exit polls,

Donald Trump will defeat Nikki Haley in her home state. And we’re just getting some preliminary exit poll data, a glimpse of what was on voters minds when they went to the polls today.

Trump projected to beat Haley

Trump projected to beat Haley

Nikki Haley was hoping to tighten up this race in the final push here. But take a look at this. 77% of voters had already made up their minds on who to vote for last year. When asked which issue mattered the most in deciding how to vote, 39% said immigration, 33% said the economy, followed by foreign policy and abortion.

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what are you hearing from the Trump campaign tonight?

Donald Trump was so confident, he barely even campaigned in this state tonight. He is projected to deliver that crushing blow to Nikki Haley in her home state, a state that elected her to the governor’s mansion twice.

Look, Nikki Haley knew that she had an uphill battle here in South Carolina, that the ods were stacked against her. She’s vowing to stay in this race through Super Tuesday. And she’s really staking her whole argument here on the notion that she believes she’s the only Republican, him that can defeat President Biden in November. But to do that, she has to get through Donald Trump first. And she lost in Iowa. She lost in New Hampshire. She’s projected to lose right here in South Carolina, and she still cannot identify a state that she can win with.

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