Russia intensifies attacks as Ukraine faces dire ammo shortage

Russia intensifies attacks as Ukraine: Tomorrow marks two years since Russia’s full scale invasion of Ukraine and both sides appear determined to fight on. The UK defense ministry says Russia is intensifying its attacks across several points on the front lines after taking control of a Kiev city. The offensive comes as Ukraine is facing a potentially catastrophic shortage of air defenses and ammunition after holding off Russia’s initial assault on the capital of Kiev. Ukraine’s counter offensive did lead to some gains, but ultimately it failed to cut off Russia’s land bridge to southern Ukraine. And now U. S. Officials are painting a dire picture if Congress fails to pass additional funding for Ukraine’s fight.

Russia intensifies attacks as Ukraine

 We have full coverage of the war in Ukraine as we mark these two years since Russia’s invasion.

Ukrainian commanders with a stark warning. Russia is on the brink of a major offensive on multiple fronts across the east. Bombing Kramators following their takeover of the town of Adivka. Regaining ground lost in Ukraine’s counter offensive last summer.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin with his top general surveying the territory, one back, congratulating the troops and urging them on. Almost two years into this war, Ukraine says it’s outmanned and outgunned. Digging trenches as the Russians close in. Military aid on hold blocked by Republicans in the US house.

And with new us sanctions looming after the death of Putin’s fists critic Alexey NavalNy, russian authorities have now detained a dual us russian citizen. They released this video reportedly showing 33 year old ballerina Casnia Carolina, who lives and works in Los Angeles with a hat covering her eyes and handcuffed, ready to appear in court. She’s been charged with treason. Russian authorities claim she donated about $50 to a ukrainian charity in the United States. Carolina was part of the Baltimore ballet in 2017. Her former mother in law says she was arrested while visiting family in Russia.

Russia is on the offensive at multiple points in the front line since they took the key eastern city of Avdivka last weekend. They’re pushing now in multiple points focused on the south, trying to regain some of the territory that the ukrainian counter offensive last summer managed to take, trying to reverse those very minor gains that they made down in the south. They’re also pushing up in the northeast with a very large offensive there.

It’s estimated that around 50,000 russian troops are trying to push forward towards the city of Kupyansk. And basically we are seeing pressure along multiple fronts as Russia is trying to take advantage of the shortages in ammunition that are now starting to really bite here. As a result of that hold up on a more american aid, we are really starting to see a very difficult situation here and hearing more and more dire warnings.

I mean, every soldier that we speak to speaks about severe artillery problems. I mean, I spoke just a few minutes ago to a soldier who was in Abdivka and who retreated from the city. He said that they were not able to fire regularly during the battle and they were only able to start using artillery heavily as they retreated to try and cover this retreat. He said that if they’d been able to use as much artillery as they wanted, they would still be there now. They would still hold that city.

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