Kelvin Kiptum: World Bids Final Goodbye to Marathon World Record Holder 

Kelvin Kiptum: And finally, a somber moment in Kenya, where hundreds turned out to bid their final goodbyes to running sensation Kelvin Kipton. The 24 year old kenyan marathon world record holder was killed in a car accident along with his coach, On February 11.

Kenya gave the athlete a state funeral and fans and supporters recounted their favorite memories of the decorated athlete. An inspiration to many, his shocking death is a tragic loss, not only to the sport, but to a nation as well.

Kelvin Kiptum World Bids Final Goodbye

The world has bid goodbye to one of the best athletes ever. Kenyan running sensation Kelvin Kipton’s last strikes were performed today. Hundreds of athletes, people from across the world, Kenyans and family members attended the funeral.

Kelvin Kiptum’s father had an emotional send off. He recounted his bond with his marathon winning son.

He had been training for about seven years now. At one point I had asked him to quit and come join me at the farm. He told me that all his hard work was going to bear fruit soon and that I had to be patient. I gave him my blessings and thereafter he won his first race, the twenty one kelometer . He did not turn back. He won all the local races he participated in. I joined him most times on the road to wherever he had races.

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Friends and well wishers spoke about their interactions with Kelvin Kiptum. For Kenya, Kiptum was a hero.

Kelvin Kiptum was born in Kenya in the year 1999. He worked as a livestock herder and took to running quite late in his life. But very soon he mastered the art of the stride.

Kelvin Kiptum holds the world record for the fastest marathon ever. The Kenyan achieved this at the Chicago Marathon in October last year. Kelvin Kiptum also won the London marathon in 2023, and he was ranked world number one in the men’s category of marathon runners.

Everything was going good for the Kenyan until tragedy struck on the 11 February, Kelvin Kiptom and his coach, Javez Hakizimana, were killed in a car crash. The news sent shockwaves across the world.
Kelvin Kiptum lost his life at just 24 years of age. His coach, who hails from Rwanda, was just 36 years old when the tragic accident took his life. Coach Akizimana’s last rites were conducted in Rwanda.

Kiptum’s death came as a shock to the world of sports. The Kenyan is more than just a running sensation. In fact, for young Kenyans and Africans, Kelvin Kiptum was their pride and inspiration. As the last rites began, hundreds lined up to see the athlete one last time. Kenya held a state funeral to honor the marathon runner.

Kelvin Kiptum is survived by his wife and two children. A house is being built in his honor. But the world is slowly accepting the loss of Kiptum and coach Hakizimana. Surely Kelvin Kiptum will inspire generations to come.

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