Russia-Ukraine war: EU President says, ‘More than ever, we stand firmly by Ukraine’

Russia-Ukraine war: Foreign leaders were in Ukraine to express solidarity as ukrainian forces run low on ammunition and weaponry. Allies from the EU and the G seven rallied around Kiev to express solidarity, with Zelensky joining a virtual G seven meeting British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak marked two years since the start of the conflict and said that the western nations should be bolder about confiscating russian assets, which they froze after the country’s full scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Sunak added that Ukraine continued to need more long range weapons, drones and munitions, as well as other assistance.

Europe will continue to stand at your side for as long as it takes. European Commission President Ursula von der Lyon vowed on Saturday that Europe would back Ukraine. Von der Lyon and the prime ministers of Italy, Canada and Belgium arrived in Kiev to show solidarity on the second anniversary of Russia’s full scale invasion. They joined Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the hostelmel airfield together with you. It was the sight of a ferocious battle at the start of the invasion as Russia tried to fly in paratroopers to seize the capital Kiev, just a few miles away.

Russia-Ukraine war: EU President says, ‘More than ever,

Russia-Ukraine war

There will be a free and sovereign Ukraine. There will be peace and prosperity and there will be Europe. And the battle of Hostomel airport will no longer be remembered as the darkest hour of our history but as the beginning of a new era for Ukraine and for all of Europe, Slava Ukrainian. Russia-Ukraine war

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Zelensky embraced the western leaders and delivered a televised speech. He said the word independent will always stand next to the word Ukraine in future history. Zelensky also warned in the past that Russian President Vladimir Putin may not stop at Ukraine’s borders if he emerges victorious. Putin has dismissed such claims and casts the war as a wider struggle with the United States, which he says aims to dismantle Russia. While Italy and Canada signed a bilateral security agreement with Ukraine, $61 billion in aid promised by US President Joe Biden is being blocked by Republicans in Congress.

It casts a long shadow over Kiev’s hope of pushing back the russian army and elsewhere in Ukraine. The war continues. Russian drones attacked the port of Odessa for the second night running on Friday. Video footage released by the national police of Ukraine and the state emergency Service of Ukraine showed rescue teams picking their way through rubble.

Meanwhile, a source in Kiev said ukrainian drones had caused a blaze at a russian steel plant, which a russian official identified as one in the city of Lipisk. The plant is responsible for about 18% of russian output.

Anniversary events were planned across Ukraine on Saturday, including the service to commemorate those who died in butcher, the site of some of the worst alleged war crimes of the conflict. And in Lviv, mourners visited the graves of their loved ones who died during the war. This mother of two lost her husband, she said they are paying a very high price, but she believes that the victory will be ours.

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